Tips For Safely Coloring Curly Hair

Color has the ability to spice up your curls by adding dimension and interest to curly hair. Curly hair absorbs more light than straight hair because straight hair presents a flat surface for light to reflect off of, whereas curly hair disperses light and therefore appears darker. Also, due to the fact that the cuticle layer on curly hair is raised more than it is on straight hair, curly hair isn’t as shiny as straight hair. Dimensional color can be very beautiful in curly hair because it reflects light throughout the hair. Also, curly girls who want their hair to look thicker will find that dimensional color creates the illusion of fuller hair.

When done by a professional colorist, color can be beneficial to the health and shine of your curly hair. But if done improperly, hair coloring can be hazardous to curly textures because curly hair is naturally drier and more fragile than other hair types and can react negatively to the chemicals in hair color. Read on for pro tips on how to get stunning hair color without compromising your hair’s health no matter what your curl type is.

Know Your Options

Depending on your curl type and condition, hair color that is high in chemical content, like a permanent formula, can dehydrate and damage your hair. Especially if applied repeatedly, the ammonia in permanent hair color can deplete curls of moisture and nourishment. Hair color experts agree that unless you need the strength of permanent color to change the level or tone of your hair, or if you are covering pigment-free grays, then it is better to opt for a semi-permanent or demi-permanent color. These types of hair color are less dehydrating, and if the semi or demi-permanent color selected is a professional brand, the hair color will actually coat the surface of the hair, smooth down the cuticle and leave curls glossy, bouncy and more nourished.

Expert Tip

Never use permanent hair color throughout the mid-lengths and ends of curls. Instead, opt for a demi-permanent or gloss color to achieve the desired look.

Always Go Pro

Coloring curly hair requires expert care. Visit a professional hair colorist to get your color correct from the start. This is no time for DIY, especially when going lighter. The inherent fragility and dryness of curly hair make it essential to choose the right salon professional and professional product to bring out the best in your curls. Professional color products are designed to enhance hair health, protect strands from UV exposure and bring out the shine. Your experience with a colorist should include a consultation about your choices, what it requires to get the shade you want, and how to maintain it between visits.

Expert Tip

Three days before you color, give your hair a boost with a deep conditioning treatment like Ouidad Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy or DevaCurl Heaven In Hair. These deep conditioning treatments will infuse your curls with essential proteins, amino acids and moisturizing humectants which will improve your hair’s ability to retain hair color and moisture.

Handle With Care

All hair types get a little dryer once color is introduced, so those with curly hair have to be especially mindful of combating the drying effects of a new hue. Parched hair only leads to dull color and no one wants that. One way to boost moisture levels in colored strands is to rehydrate with top-notch products. Try Ouidad Color Sense Color-Preserving Shampoo and Conditioner. They contain a protective Color Lock complex of broad spectrum, plant-based sun filters which help affix color to the hair fibers and prevent fading due to UV exposure and styling. The shampoo also removes mineral deposits and build-up that can lead to premature stripping of color for healthy-looking, radiant curls. Plus, a good hydrating conditioner or deep treatment designed to work with colored curly hair will rebuild and strengthen strands so curls hold color longer.

When done correctly by a talented hair colorist, hair color can make your curls look more beautiful than ever.

Is your naturally curly hair colored? How do you maintain it?

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