Tips For Curly Hair Growth

So many of my clients have asked me to help them grow their curly hair longer, that I have decided to write a second blog on the subject. Here are some more tips that you can follow to help you grow your beautiful curls longer and longer and longer if you want.

6 Tips to Grow Your Gorgeously Curly Hair

1. Start with your scalp

Healthy hair growth starts with a healthy scalp. You can do a quick test for suppleness and health of your scalp by pushing firmly but gently on all the sides of your head. Ideally, the skin will slide easily over your skull and you will be able to see the front of your scalp move when you push on the back. If you feel tightness in certain areas, simply address it by performing regular scalp massages. Massaging your scalp with your fingers will help to stimulate blood flow and release the natural oils stored under the surface of your skin. You can add essential oils to your massage by putting a few drops on your scalp first. I like to use Phyto Pollene Scalp Stimulant for this purpose.

2. Stay away from restrictive styles

Avoid hairstyles that tightly bind your curly hair. If you pull your hair too tightly into a ponytail, you may be pulling your hair out along your hair line. If you do this for too long, you can get a receding hairline, and nobody wants that. Give your hair a rest in between hair extensions, braids or ponytails, and use non-snagging tools to hold them in place. Don’t use elastic bands to secure your ponytail. Instead, use a fabric covered band, such as a scrunchy. Elastic bands can cause breakage.

3. Choose the right moisturizer

Everyone’s hair is different and the right moisturizer for your friend might not be the best one for you. Here is a quick test to determine if your your moisturizing products are getting inside your hair where they belong or just sitting on the outside. Wet a section of your hair with water a day or two after you style it. If you see or feel a residue coming off of your hair, then your product is not fully moisturizing your hair, it is just sitting on the surface. When hair is deeply moisturized, it is more elastic and resistant to breakage. Also, your curls will be more defined and shinier!

4. Keep your cuts routine

Get your hair trimmed at least once every twelve weeks to prevent split ends and keep your hair shaped nicely and looking good. Split ends are a sign that the end of your hair is falling apart and disintegrating. If you have split ends, then your hair is actually getting shorter because the split end is traveling up the hair shaft. The only way to stop this is to cut the hair above the split end. If you want your hair to grow longer, you must cut off split ends.

5. Take supplements

The hair care line, Phyto, makes a supplement called Phyto Phanerre, that they claim will help your hair grow about 10% faster.

6. Feed your body

Drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet. How many times have you heard this? I said it before and I am saying it again because it is of vital importance. Hair is made up of moisture and protein. If you want your hair to be healthy then you need to feed your body healthy food and water.

Take good care of your beautiful curly hair and it will bless you for as long as you live.

How long is long enough for your curls?

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