9 Things That Will Always Disrupt Your Wavy Curl Pattern

Women with wavy hair have to treat their hair differently than those with tighter curls. If you have wavy hair, you probably want better curl definition. If this is you, you need to avoid the following nine things that will always disrupt your wavy curl pattern.

1. Touching your hair while it’s still drying

This is especially challenging if you like to air dry your hair. But touching your hair while it is drying will break up your curls and cause more frizz. I know it’s hard, but try keeping your hands off your hair until it is completely dry. When it is dry, scrunch your hair lightly to soften the product in your hair. If you want more volume, flip your head over and loosen the roots with your fingers. Then flip your head upright, spray with a little flexible hold hairspray if you want to, and then try not to touch your hair anymore. The more you touch it, the more you will disrupt the curl pattern.

2. Using products that are too heavy

Some finer-haired wavies, may find that heavier products weigh their hair down. Using these products can cause your hair to be less bouncy and defined, and leave your hair looking stringy and limp. If you think this may happen to you, lightweight products may be more ideal. I like using DevaCurl Wave Maker on girls with fine wavy hair, and I only apply a nickel-sized amount.

3. Using too much product and being heavy-handed

Even if a product is lightweight and marketed to your hair type, more is not necessarily better. It takes some experimentation to find the perfect amount, but using too much of any product can make hair look weighed down and undefined.

4. Brushing your hair

Obviously, brushing your curls will disrupt the curl pattern. I instruct my clients to use their fingers or a wide tooth comb to detangle, preferably while they have conditioner in their hair.

5. Certain ingredients

Hair reacts differently to different ingredients in hair care products. Many wavy girls find that their hair reacts negatively to products that contain sulfates and non-water soluble silicones. Sulfates strip away all the good oils in your hair and tend to cause dehydration that leads to frizz. Silicones can build up on your hair and weigh it down, as well as act as a barrier against water entering and leaving the hair strand.

6. Terrycloth towels

Using a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair is significantly better than using a terrycloth towel. Terrycloth towels have rougher fibers which can affect your hair’s cuticle, leading to frizz, disrupted curls, and even breakage.

7. The weather

The time of year and weather make a huge difference in those with wavy-curly patterns. During winter when the air is colder and very dry, curls often droop and do not look as bouncy and defined as they do in warmer months with higher humidity. In dryer months, using a steamer can help add fullness and bounce to wavy hair.

8. Thinning or texturizing your hair

If your stylist insists on thinning or texturizing your wavy hair, then your stylist probably intends for you to blow it out straight. If you want to wear your hair in its naturally wavy state (and you should because it probably looks better that way) then thinning your hair is a bad idea. Thinning and texturizing wavy hair breaks up the waves and causes frizz.

9. Improper blowdrying technique

Even if you are using a diffuser to dry your wavy hair, you should always set the blow dryer to low heat and low air speed settings. There are actually 4 ways to blowdry your naturally curly hair. High heat will dry out your hair and cause frizz. High airspeed will disrupt the waves and break them up also causing frizz.

I hope these tips help wavy girls enjoy their hair because wavy hair is awesome hair. If you have wavy hair, show it off, it’s beautiful!

Do you have wavy hair? How do you style and maintain it?

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