10 Most Ridiculous Curly Hair Superstitions

There are all kinds of superstitions surrounding curly hair. Here are some of the most ridiculous ones.

  1. Babies with curly hair go through more diapers than straight hair babies.
  2. If you have red curly hair, you are more likely to believe that there are aliens living amongst us.
  3. People with curly hair prefer eating popcorn by having it thrown into their mouths by another curly haired person.
  4. Men with curly hair secretly wish they were a bartender.
  5. People with naturally curly hair have more colorful dreams than people with straight hair.
  6. If you have tight curly hair you were a Tibetan monk in a past life.
  7. Curly haired kids build sand castles that last longer than straight haired kids.
  8. Girls with curly hair can drive a go-cart in reverse better than girls with straight hair.
  9. People with curly hair can figure out where the nearest coffee shop is by flipping their hair from one shoulder to the other and then back again.
  10. Boys with curly hair are destined to lead a mission into outer space and land their spaceship perfectly on another planet.

Many of my curly hair clients come to me with irrational beliefs, and I do my best to assure them that the superstitions that I have listed here are false. However, everything else that you have heard about curly hair is true.

What curly hair superstitions do you have?

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